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Welcome to the official site of Education Elevated.  The mission of Education Elevated is to support and promote education and to eleminate economic barriers in primary and secondary schools in needy communities throughout the world.  Education Elevated achieves this through hiking and climbing teams who raise financial support for every foot of elevation they climb.

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.” – Sir Edmund Hillary

Chyangba Village Primary School Rebuild

Report Coming Soon!


Click Here And Give To Help Rebuild The Chyangba Village In Nepal

Just a reminder as to what the John Byrne Band Benefit Concert is all about. These are the images that we just received after the second 7.3 earthquake hit the Chyangba Village. Please consider donating and attending this fantastic evening of music!  Now is the time to help.





EARTHQUAKE REPORT:  The Chyangba Village suffered severe damage to residences as well at the school.  Although the school buildings are still standing they will need to be rebuilt from ground up because they are no longer safe.  View the damage to the Chyangba Village School caused by the Nepal earthquake.



Photo Gallery Chyangba Building Update Nepal/Chyangba Village Relief Benefit Concert Interested In Sponsorship?

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Exciting Report!

Photos, Exterior Renderings and Floorplans

Education Elevated Presents

a Benefit Garden Concert with

The John Byrne Band!!!

June 4th, Saturday, 2016

7 pm - 9:30 pm.

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