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Hey Gerri Kier here. I am a Colorado native and Greg and I have been married for over 35 years…we both enjoy the outdoor adventures Colorado has to offer.  Besides spending my summers hiking in the beautiful mountains of Colorado I am a nutrition counselor with Complete Nutrition Alliance and own Education Elevated. In my journey of life the most amazing people and opportunities have been literally dropped into my path and trekking in Nepal and helping the school in the Chyangba is no exception. I look forward to the lives that will be touched through the efforts of Education Elevated and blessings that will flow from the trekking trips we will do.  

"The person who says it cannot be done
should not interrupt the person doing it."
-Chinese Proverb  



Pemba Dorjee Sherpa grew up in the Chyangba Village which is in the Everest Region Solukhumbu District in Nepal. Pem has been to the summit of Mt Everest two times and during his second expedition to the summit he and Moni were married to became the first couple to ever be married at the summit of Mt Everest. He owns and operates Sherpa Adventure International.  Pem and Moni reside in Golden Colorado with the daughter Pelzom.


From left to right:  Gerry Case, Stacy Holt, Kathleen Dollard, Roger Hartmann, Stephen Forte, Richard Campbell and Gerri Kier  (Missing from photo Maciej Pilecki )
The 2009 Team started the trekking in Nepal with first visiting the Chyangba Village.  While at the village the team built new classroom furniture and refurbished exsiting furniture. The shelving and seating in the library was constructed and the books were placed onto the shelves.  The team spent time reading and teaching the children as well as being involved in daily life in the Chyangba Village. New school uniforms were distributed to all of the children, teachers and the Head Master of the school.



From left to right:  Gerri Kier, Gerry Case, Maciej Pilecki, Pem Sherpa and Nick Stacey with Lobuche Peak in the background.

After visiting the Chyangba Village part of the team continued to the Everest region to hike additional elevation and raise extra funds for the Chyangba education project.



The Education Elevated Team along with the Sherpa and Climbing Team support at Lobuche base camp. The climbing and support Sherpa were amazing assets in helping us achieve our climbing and trekking goals while in Nepal.  

At Everest Basecamp from left to right back row:  Elliott Stewart, Dan Rush, Lee Sullivan, Marius Klee and Gerri Kier    Front row - Brandi Rush and Julie Lilienkamp
The 2008 Education Elevated Team started the Nepal trip with a trek to Everest Basecamp then continued to Island Peak.  

From left to right:  Julie Lilienkamp, Gerri Kier, Brandi and Dan Rush continued onto the Chyangba Village in May 2008. While at the village the school building and classrooms were painted.  The team assessed the work to be started on the library and media center construction.  A plan was developed to start the construction and the 2009 team was to finish the construction.  The team also started leveling the playgroup area to prepare for the dental camp that was going to be set up in October of 2008.  



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